City of Hope and Affiliates

City of Hope, based in California offers hope to those who might otherwise give up. Learning that a person has cancer or some other deadly disease, can cause emotional trauma to both the patient as well as their family members. Having some place to go that can offer hope for a cure, or at least a prolonged, better quality of life, can bring comfort to all involved is what City of Hope aims to accomplish.

City of Hope was founded nearly 100 years ago as a research, development and treatment center for patients. They are known for their aggressiveness in finding a cure for cancers and other deadly diseases and their attentiveness to their patient's needs. Creating an environment full of hope instead of despair, these scientific minds work closely together to find a cure for cancer and related diseases.

Achieving their highest ranking to date, 17th in the country, they take their research seriously. Using every technology available, they forge ahead professionally and rapidly, because for their patients, time is of the essence. As an independent research center, City of Hope has the ability to move quickly without waiting for any red tape to clear. This rapid and aggressive approach has helped to save many lives over the years.

Along with their independence comes various benefits, nearly 40% of the patients are currently receiving some form or another of trial medications, allowing the scientists, clinical technicians and research teams to move quickly when one works well. City of Hope has been identified as the discoverers of such cancer medications as Herceptin, Rituxan and Avastin, which are used widely today around the world. Knowing that there is a place to go that is dedicated to saving the lives of those diagnosed with cancers or other deadly diseases can bring get comfort to those who would otherwise give up or lose hope.


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