Purpose of the City of Hope and Affiliates

The City of Hope's mission is to find a cure for cancers and other deadly diseases. Making bold strides every day to conquer and restore health to its patients suffering from cancer and other diseases is the vision of the organization. Hope's scientists, clinical researchers and technicians are working hard around the clock to find a cure for various diseases.

With the new discoveries being made, the City of Hope can offer its patients the reassurance that everything that can be done, is being done to give them the strongest chance for survival. There are many scientists, technicians, clinical researchers as well as various staff members that play a significant role in the healing process. As well as the competent and attentive staff, the environment provided is guaranteed to bring a smile to and otherwise gloomy time. With lush gardens and serene setting this medical center offers a different approach to the wellbeing of its patients.

Since they are an independent research center their scientific findings can be applied sooner rather than later ensuring that every patient is given the best chance at a full recovery. Some of the services offered at the City of Hope include treatment, rehabilitation, and state of the art advanced equipment, clinical trials and seminars to educate the patients as well as the families involved. Once a possible drug has been identified and tested by the researchers it can then be trial tested on the patients. If these drugs have a positive affect they can be administered immediately without delay, helping to save or prolong lives.

Since with any disease time is of the essence, having the most gifted and dedicated minds working on a common goal of ridding the world of these cancers and diseases, can only add to the comfort of the patient and their family. The City of Hope has not drifted from its mission after all these years and has always been searching for new advanced medical treatments to help those in need.


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